Product Information

  • Adelaide Pressed Metal Panels are manufactured from quality grade aluminium from original dies and designs to original imperial measurements, feet and inches, (2’ x 6’) or approx. 600mm x 1800mm (60cm x 1.8m).
  • Selected designs are available in 900mm x 1800mm (Fleur, Maze, Snowflake, Acorns NSW, Brick, Mini Brick, Mini Lindfield, Buckingham Wallpaper, Stockholm, Paddington, Carlton, Geometric and Fishscale and wall panels Banksia, Lily, Posy and Art Nouveau).
  • Fishscale is available in aluminium 600mm x 1800mm and 900mm x 1800mm and zincalume 1200mm x 1800mm and 1200mm x 2400mm.
  • St Catherine, St Patrick, St Dennis, Grand Deco and Large Lindfield are only available 600mm x 600mm in aluminium or zincalume, POA.
  • Our pressed metal is manufactured from quality aluminium
  • Panels are heat and rust resistant.
  • WE DO NOT RECOMMEND POWDER COATING SPLASHBACKS as coating can chip and crack when panels and penetrations are cut, overlaps cannot be gapped, and panels cannot be easily touched up or changed to a different colour. A seamless result can be achieved by etch priming panel with suitable product eg. Dulux Precision, ‘no more gapping’ any overlaps and painting in any colour and finish with either a water based or turps based enamel paint using a foam roller, brush or spray gun.
  • Pressed metal panels are pressed in quality grade aluminium which can be easily painted any colour or finish when primed.
  • Pressed metal is easily cleaned. When installed raw, wipe over with Mr Sheen or similar SILICON FREE polish with a soft cloth or Enjo style cloth. After cooking wipe clean with a damp cloth or warm soapy water. For a painted finish wipe over with a soft damp cloth or warm soapy water, do not use scourers.
    Pressed metal is suitable for internal and external use.
  • Pressed metal is heat resistant and therefore suitable for use behind stove tops and combustion heaters and BBQ’s when a fire resistant substrate is used in conjuction with a non flammable adhesive.
  • We offer a full installation service as LICENCED BUILDERS Lic/Reg No BLD 39898 for a professional finish. Quotes can be provided when plans, drawings or measurements are emailed or brought into the showroom (Photos if possible are also helpful).
  • PLEASE NOTE; Adelaide Pressed Metal can cut penetrations for power points at on site installations but a qualified electrician must reconnect.
  • It is easy to install for a confident DIY. We recommend using stud adhesive Australian Standards 2753/1985 when applying direct to existing plasterboard walls and ceilings. Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry, free of dust, grease, oil or foreign matter before applying the adhesive. Soft sheet nails or pop rivets can also be used when fixing to timber or steel batons. Waterproof silicone is used to seal the edges for splashbacks and the pressed metal can be installed over existing tiles as long as the surface is even and in good repair and free of grease and oils. The metal can be cut using a heavy duty Stanley knife with a sharp blade and a straight edge or aviation snips can be used for trimming. When cutting penetrations (eg. Downlights, air conditioning vents) hole saws and grinders with a 1mm blade may be used. Liquid adhesives may be used for small jobs or projects such as cupboard door and drawer inserts, mirror frames and picture frames etc.
  • We do not recommended using in shower alcoves but it is suitable for bathroom and toilet walls as long as the correct systems are followed (A.S. 2589).
  • We have over 250 different designs on offer, to suit traditional through to contemporary buildings.
  • Pressed metal is extremely versatile. It has great durability and if cared for properly will last for many years, ceilings in particular will last over 100 years. It can be used for a variety of features eg. Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, ceilings, feature walls, door inserts, bathroom wall paneling, bed heads, paneling rooms and hallway wall paneling, gables, out door BBQ areas and features or just about anything you can think of, inside or outside.
  • FOR ARCHITECTURAL and HERITAGE TECHNICAL SUPPORT please contact Phillip Cooymans Lic/Reg No BLD 39898 with over 35 years experience in pressed metal installation.
  • We can organise delivery and installation Australia wide.