Tuesday, 15 September 2015 04:42

A Passion For Heritage

We are passionate at preserving unique heritage features at Adelaide Pressed Metal. In 2009 we were fortunate enough to purchase the original pressed metal dies from TW Ingham’s, the last remaining original pressed metal manufacturer left in Australia, saving them from the same fate as the Wunderlich dies, 4000 of which were destroyed back in the 1970’s when the company was bought out and heritage features were not as highly prized as they are today.

We have a strong working relationship with heritage architects and representatives of councils throughout Australia and New Zealand dealing with heritage matters and restoration.
We are busy continually discovering original dies in our warehouse, of designs that haven’t been seen for many years and restoring these original dies all in imperial measurements to the highest standard. Using quality grade aluminium in the production of our pressed metal panels, we now have the largest range of original designs in Australia. Our aim is to keep adding to our range as we make exciting discoveries in our warehouse vault.